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You want to reach new goals, climb the career ladder and develop professionally? With our executive seminars, we will help you reach your goals. Our programs are designed for all types of professionals who rely on financial information for decision making or planning or those who are willing to achieve competencies in the fields of accounting and finance. With the HSG Trading Room, a high-tech trading floor, equipped with state-of-the-art trading software and access to a full range of professional financial databases allowing our students of all levels to combine theory with real and simulated market data, we offer our students a unique learning environment. In combination with the experienced team of the ior/cf, our experimental-approach delivers integrated perspectives on finance and accounting topics and enables participants to achieve marketable job skills.

Executive Education Program


Our Executive Program in Financial etc. is a certificate program divided into several seminar blocks each one day. The core areas covered are company analysis and stock valuation, quantitative methods of capital market analysis and valuation, credit analysis, international accounting and value-oriented balance sheet analysis as well as six supplements. The accompanying curriculum provides a detailed overview. The certificate course can be booked as a package or also in single blocks. All our courses are currently offered only in German. An English track will soon be available. For further questions please contact us any time.

Unternehmens-Analyse und Aktienbewertung

Friday, 7th of April

Language: German

Quantitative Methoden der Kapitalmarkt-Analyse und Bewertung

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International Accounting und wertorientierte Bilanzanalyse

To be determined

Anlageentscheide bei Pensionskassen

To be determined

Alternative Investments: Real Estate

To be determined

Alternative Investments: Private Equity

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Options, Futures und andere Derivate

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Controlling und Performance Management

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Taxes und Valuation

To be determined

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung
Friday, 7th of April
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Seminar description

The valuation, the risk analysis and the performance management of companies are of absolutely central importance for the sustainable success of a company. The prerequisite for this is the preparation and analysis of future-oriented financial- and nonfinancial information.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung

Who is right for this seminar?

This program is designed for all types of professionals who rely on financial information for decision making or planning, who are involved in business development, business analysis, M and A and restructuring activities, in PE or VC or in communicating their company’s performance. Covered job titles may be CEO, CFO, board member, general manager, investment banker, business analyst, asset manager, investment manager, auditor etc.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung

What can you expect?

Through this seminar, you will gain a deep insight into financial statement analysis. Accounting courses sometimes propose analysis that violates the principles of finance, while finance courses are sometimes dismissive of accounting (S. Penman, 2013, p. VIII). This program gives you an integrated perspective on how to use financial and non-financial information for valuation purposes. You will understand what drives value and you will acquire all the necessary skills to position your company for growth and profitability.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung


The seminar is divided into several blocks, each of which is based on each other. Through an interactive design of the event as well as numerous discussions, case studies and practical exercises, the participants will be given the necessary knowledge to better understand financial information so that they can assess the effectiveness of a company’s strategy and make dynamic investment decisions.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung

Why ior/cf-HSG?

The University of St. Gallen is the best ranked Business University in the German-speaking area ( Over 6000 participants per year are convinced of the high quality and practical relevance of the offered education. Furthermore, the ior/cf is equipped with high-tech trading floor with state-of-the-art trading software, in which the participants can convert the previously learned skills into practice.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung

Application and costs

The seminar will take place on Friday, February 10, in the premises of the HSG Tradingroom. The costs are 1'200.- CHF per person including documentation and meals. Details can be found in the seminar prospectus.

Unternehmensanalyse und Aktienbewertung

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Trading room impressions

Watch our team in action

In early 2015, being a perfect example of the University of St Gallen`s motto, “From Insight to Impact”, the HSG Trading Room brought together our rector Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger and Institute Director Prof Dr. Karl Frauendorfer, as the initiators and patrons of the HSG Trading Room project, with Prof. Robert Gutsche Ph.D. serving as Project Manager. The trading room, a high-tech trading floor equipped with state-of-the-art trading software, Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg access, significantly enhances active learning opportunities at the University of St. Gallen. Its objective is to support and promote sustainable and responsible learnings and research in finance related fields.


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Vice Director

Head of the 'Mathematical Optimization' division

Michael Schürle

Vice Director

Head of the 'Asset Liability Management' department

michael GratwOhl

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Assistant professor at the ior/cf-HSG

Claus Liebenberger


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